Color Inspiration From Crayons

Fall is just around the corner, and that means back to school shopping is, too. Whether or not you have children or their school days have come and gone, you can still remember the excitement surrounding brand new school supplies. One of the best purchases was always a fresh box of crayons.

August is Crayon Collection Month, and it’s also a time when homeowners start to revamp their house for fall. Barbara Tabak, a Mechanicsburg interior decorator, worked with us to pull some of the most classic crayon colors and explain how they can be used throughout your home this fall. Take a look and see if your favorite made the list!

  • Olive Green. This fall, it’s all about warmth and colors from nature. Olive green was a go-to crayon for any picture involving grass and flowers and it’s an easy color to incorporate into your home. Paint your living room olive green so you and your family will feel at peace when unwinding after a long day. If you don’t want to commit to a full paint job, add plants and succulents to the space for the same soothing effect.
  • Midnight Blue. Dark colors are definitely making a comeback in home decor, according to the expert Manhattan, NY painters. Midnight blue is the ideal choice for someone who wants to embrace an elegant sitting room, dining room, or bedroom. If you’re not ready to paint all over your walls, midnight blue furniture is the perfect compromise. Whether it’s a couch, accent chair, or area rug, midnight blue decor stands out in any room.
  • Silver. The silver crayon was useful in amplifying your artwork as a kid and almost guaranteed you a spot on the fridge. Silver represents a sleek, modern and sophisticated design aesthetic. Update your kitchen hardware, like the cabinet and drawer handles and knobs, with silver pieces. Take into consideration the tones in other rooms of your house. If you have a room that prominently features cool colors, adding silver vases and accessories will give the room a touch of glamor.
  • Piggy Pink. This year, blush was declared a neutral.  Like midnight blue, can’t go crazy with pink all over the place, but there are subtle ways to integrate the trend. Choose one wall of a room to be a blushy pink accent wall. For even more subtle hints of this hue, hang light pink curtains or pick out a new set of linens. Keep in mind that it’s a playful, romantic color, so it works best in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Tiger Orange. One of the fiercest crayons in the box is tiger orange. Using this color anywhere can instantly adds new life and energy. In the home, it works best as an accent color. Incorporate the color with a navy or black and white theme. Tiger orange throw pillows would pair seamlessly with a navy couch! Other ways to bring the color into a space are through artwork, blankets and area rugs.

Pull inspiration from your nostalgia and incorporate classic crayon colors into your home. Your makeover can be as elaborate as repainting a room or as simple as adding some new accessories inspired by your favorite crayons.

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